Unique in its genre, since comedy is often seen as a minor genre, the festival intends to open up to the wide range of selections dedicated to cinema with a well-defined priority: to enable the viewer to become passionate and reflect.

Never as in this year of enormous upheavals in lives and in the forms of communication and use of culture in a broad sense, the promotion initiatives are well combined with the desire to continue to feed a broad and economically stimulating induced for the various subjects of the supply chain. cinematographic and audiovisual. While on the one hand there was a lack of historical locations of national importance in central and commercial areas of the city, such as the university, museums and sites of interest (located in strategic areas, including commercially), on the other hand the high dissemination potential of our activities via the web can represent a virtuous model with which to continue to constitute an alternative for local young people and to stimulate the desire to feed an economically attractive induced for all those involved.

The Festival is divided into 2 competitive sections:

  • International Competition open to Comedy Feature Films.
    Feature films in the comedy and comedy-drama genre can participate in this section.
  • International Competition open to Short Films.
    Films and videos from each country with a maximum duration of 30 minutes can participate in this section, without any foreclosure of style or genre.

E nelle seguenti seziAnd in the following non-competitive sections:

  • Out of Competition: dedicated to the most interesting production of the current year.
  • Perspective Campania: mainly dedicated to films shot in the Campania region;
  • Return to the past: dedicated to films that have made the history of comedy.
  • Author’s retrospective: every year the Festival will propose five works by an author who contributed with his art to spread and develop the language of cinema.

The event will have hybrid characteristics to allow those who cannot travel to follow the event in live streaming on the festival’s social platforms and on web TV on the VED TV portal, partner of the initiative.


  • Best Film Award
  • Screenplay Award
  • Award for the best photograph
  • Award for the best costumes
  • Award for the best scenography The public will also confer, by voting from home – online – and in the theater, with special cards distributed at the beginning of the film performance, the award for the best film “Selected in the theater”.